Birds & Bees

We comprise of a group of professionals, fully seasoned mixed with newer to the scene, working together to provide a range of Market Research, Customer Insight & Idea Generation products and services.

Celebrating Diversity

We aim to do three things:

  • Provide high quality management research
  • Inspire Insight & Idea Generation sessions
  • Develop “Customer Insight” tools, providing the processes & training to support the wider customer focus agenda.

As we develop and grow, we will actively look to blend staff from different backgrounds and disciplines to promote creativity and inspire our work programmes.

Work will always be led by a fully skilled practitioner to ensure the quality and robustness of our approach. Work teams will be developed using diverse skills, which will promote creative perspective, provide superior communications materials, idea generation, and insightful research.

The origin of the Pirate and the Ninja story comes from the deep dark history of the internet, originating from the gaming community, the debated point was “if a Pirate and a Ninja get into a fight, which one would win?”. We believe in collaboration, if the Pirate and the Ninja work together, they create the ultimate killing teams. As an equal opportunity employer we like to hire both Pirates and Ninjas. So which do you associate yourself with?


Lisa Edie

Founding Partner

Lisa started life professional a registered nurse for people with learning difficulties (RNMH), and went on to manage residential care homes.  She’s spent around 14 years working in care industry, and when she completed her degrees in Business Studies (specialising in management and maths for business) and moved into Insight and Market Research, mainly working in the consultancy end of the research industry.

Since then she has become a seasoned specialist with 25+ years experience combining market research, data analytics, Insight and Idea Generation. Her time has been evenly split between agency and client side, across a cornucopia of sectors.

She has extensive experience of conducting qualitative and quantitative research, applied advanced statistics, programme planning and the execution of both strategic and tactical Insight and Idea generation activities.

Lisa’s particular interests are in the deployment of programme findings and benefit realisation. Her experience is predominantly focused on customer experience with a view to influencing customer behaviour, although she also has rigorous experience of traditional marketing research techniques.

Lisa is D&B cleared and a leader of a Rainbow pack (5-7 year olds). She also conducted the NHS vaccination training programme.

Lisa recently won an award from AURA (Association of Users of Research Agencies) for Knowledge Sharing. She has a first class Business Studies degree, which provides her with a particular strong commercial flair. Historically a member of The Association of Qualitative Researchers.  

Socially she enjoys cycling, ice skating, girl guiding, the arts and has recently taken up Persian cooking. She is an accomplished photographer, with her works being accepted to many international photography salons. She has recently completed her AFIAP distinction (artist of the Federation of International Art Photography) and is working toward EFIAP, the next distinction.

Tel : 07946663496



Paul Eaves

Senior Insight Director

Paul has over 25 years’ experience working in Market Research and Insight, both agency side and client side. Paul is a Certified Member of the Market Research Society.

Paul has extensive experience of influencing at senior levels and, as Head of Insight in two previous client side organisations, understands how to embed Insight across an organisation so it gets used. He is also still involved in managing research projects. Paul is an experienced researcher and in the past has conducted research with a range of clients. In particular, he has extensive experience of working within the technology and public sectors.

Paul is comfortable with the full range of research techniques. His extensive career means he has managed quantitative and qualitative projects across the range of modes in a variety of applications including customer satisfaction, marketing communications, branding, new product development and channel strategy. His broad research and industry sector knowledge and experience enables him to quickly identify the best solution to a research brief and report findings and recommendations within a commercial context.

Socially, Paul enjoys building computers, volunteering at his local community library, conjuring and heckling comedians.


LInked in photo-01-01

Sue Dwyer

Senior Consultant

Sue enjoys getting under the skin of consumer behaviour & attitudes.  With more than 30 years in both agency and clientside consumer insight roles, she has wide-ranging experience to draw on.

She has extensive experience from running workshops and moderating focus groups & consumer depth interviews (including via Skype), and working with quantitative research and analytics data.  She has extensive international expertise.

She has specialist service industry and FMCG expertise from store location planning to branding & innovation.  She has lead Insight functions at McDonald’s UK & Bounty (the marketing channel to new & expectant mums) and has senior management experience at Mars snackfood & the global brewer SABMiller.

Like all senior Hive I&I team,  her desire to ensure that research leads to action, means that she delivers findings and recommendations embedded within a commercial context.

David Hogg

Senior Consultant

David has joined us from an extensive retail background, bringing more than 32 years of high street retailing under his belt. He started his career in John Menzies, where he quickly established himself as a capable and competent store manager, managing a range of stores from half a million to 5 million turnover.

He expanded his brand experience with a move to Office World during which time he opened two of their units in Bradford and Blackpool. David was instrumental in developing their Print World concept which was rolled out across their retail estate. He was later enticed back to John Menzies to turn around under-performing stores.

His expertise spans the full range of retail activity from store layout, customer journey and flow, instore marketing, promotional activities and detail with underperforming stores.

In his spare time, he spends a great deal of energy shuttling his two children to various martial arts and other sports competitions.

Laura Sprakman

Senior Consultant

Laura Sprackman has a first class Bachelor of Commerce degree and a Master of Science research degree in Innovation Management. During her postgraduate work, Laura worked as a qualitative interviewer and researcher, supporting Pharmaceutical Innovation research for The University of Birmingham. Post University, Laura qualified as a CIMA Management Accountant whilst training in Financial Management on the Unilever graduate programme. Laura has been a fully qualified CGMA and ACMA member since 2005.

She spent 12 years working in finance at Unilever, with much experience working integrally with brand and customer teams. More recently she has diversified her experience into Local Authority and as a CFO for a large multi Academy trust school.

Laura comes with incredible skills in both Insight and finance, having gleaned experience of both in her time in Unilever. She will be working on both qualitative and desk and apply her commercial skills to various analytical projects we undertake, and providing expertise for development of data to create powerful research supporting business cases.

She is a mum of two children and is a keen runner when she gets the opportunity to do so.

Geoff Dicks

Innovation, Design, Senior Consultant

Geoff comes from an Industrial Designer (Eng) background with over thirty years of experience in production, installation, launching and rolling out. During the first eight years of his career he worked full time for three of the top ten design consultancies in the UK gaining wide experience in product design and retail.

Geoff’s background is quite unique for any designer as he also has over twenty years full time experience with Schlumberger designing for the Oil & Gas industry including metering and utility components to ensure they were more professional and marketable appearance. He was considered the product champion and expert for all Design & Ergonomic aspects for products, work practices and some user interface recommendations for projects.

Geoff has spent some time in his past running his own Industrial Design (Eng) consultancy as well as teaching part time his skills to degree level students. He is currently widening his availability once again as a freelance Industrial Designer (Eng), for actual design, concept generation, detailing, graphics (product application or marketing), technical illustration, visual analytics, ergonomics and consultant advisory.

Geoff will be working as an associate to The Hive, on Innovation and relevant research projects.

In his spare time he is a talented Photographer, and after some pondering felt he was more Ninja than pirate.


Abi Almond

Insight & Idea Generator

Abi has been a qualitative researcher for the last 25yrs, needless to say such epic experience has equipped her with the full range of qualitative research skills, from Ethnographic, to conflict groups, hard to reach audiences and a vast array of different industries and project types, working for many of the giant advertising agencies, public sector programmes of work, and many, many consumer brands.  Expertise include but is not limited to New Product and Service Development, MarComs and extensive behavioural change.

Abi is currently working on her Masters in Psychotherapy, so will largely work on a project by project basis adding weight to our qualitative moderation and rich psychological context into our analysis processes.  It’s a privilege to have her working on some of our projects.

Definitely Ninja – balance of East and West, more artful, more deadly, definitely cooler (!), more polished and sophisticated, more interesting and exotic, broader horizons than just ‘treasure’!

Elizabeth Chodyniecka

Elizabeth Chodyniecka

Consultant Statistical

Ela has has masters in Marketing & Management and Quantitative Methods from Warsaw School of Economics.  She has a passion for statistical analysis where crunching on numbers helps to understand the world we live in. Ela’s 8-year experience in qualitative and quantitative research provides a balance between Science of statistics and Art of analysis.

While working with Lisa at HMRC, Ela demonstrated her passion for data analysis and statistics. Later consulting for market research sector and for business analytics enabled her to juggle with a wide range of statistical techniques. She is particularly interested in advanced statistical techniques of segmentation and modelling.

Continuous learning and challenges is what she loves about her work the most. In this case, it’s not surprising that outside of work she loves travelling to other parts of our globe. The latest 9-month trip around Asia brought her unforgettable memories.

There are not many Pirates who are statistician, although Pirates with a head for numbers are very useful at figuring out just where you are at.

big bees

Big Bee's

Here at The Hive we have working relationships with several industry experts who are a-buzz with extensive industry experience.  We call upon this expert work with us on projects and other work which requires further senior muscle power.   Many of these seniors have extensive experience working with or for large organisations both in the private sector and in the public sector. We nurture these relationships carefully as it gives us and our clients the benefit of senior input without the overhead.

In addition, we also have ties to specialist worker bees including statisticians, economists, psychologists and many others from related disciplines whose skills contribute to deeper understanding of why people do what they do.


Emily Kitson


Emily has a BSc in Psychology from University of Surrey and has an extensive research background as her degree incorporated various research programmes using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. She has a particular interest in organisational psychology. Emily has research experience with vulnerable groups such as adolescents who engage in risk-taking behaviours, people with learning and physical difficulties and people with dementia. In addition, she worked for HALOW Charity in a role to support people with cerebral palsy so to improve their quality of life and sense of self worth.

Emily enjoys artistic pursuits and is a keen horse rider in her spare time.


Joel Cassells


Joel is a highly motivated individual, having simultaneously achieved a 2:1 BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the OU, and competing at the highest level in the world’s most successful rowing team.  Specialist in high performance environment, reflected in achieving World and European Champions status.

He is a natural leader, having been elected as a member for the British Athletes Commission to provide advice and expertise to the board of directors and executives across all sports. Within the commission he has worked as part of a team generating ideas and providing insight to commission stakeholders, such as the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, UK Sport and Sport England, the funding bodies of elite sport.  Most significantly, he has been working on research into Mental Heath and Wellness across governing bodies, in order to help produce a comprehensive strategy to deploy.

Joels interest’s also include public affairs. Highly motivated he is an excellent communicator, has a massive Instagram following and is a keen writer and commentator for the BBC.


Oliver Salonna


Oliver is a graduate of Boston University with a Bsc in Business Administration, specialising in operations management, strategy and innovations.

He has worked as an operations manager in a family run business in life safety products (fire alarms, sprinklers etc), covering all aspects of business management including developing of business cases for change and investments for business improvements.  Managing customer service enquires and being an area manager to inspect installations and rectify any problems.

In addition, Oliver is an Olympic rowing hopeful for GB, and is currently in training for this years’.  Henley Royal Regatta, having won a cup in 2018 and is a keen interest in Automobile enthusiast and Olympic lifting