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We don’t often have news to share but when we do we will add it to this page. We will also aim to update our spotlight project from time to time, which provides examples of work we have been doing. Government clients we are now on East Shires (and East Midlands) Purchase Order roster, this roster is fully enabled for any government department or associate organisation to be able to buy our services.  In addition we have been given access to Greater London Procurement Portal.


Spring 2015

News Room

We are very pleased to hear we have had our place on the ESPO framework extended to 2017, this means that for all the Government portals we can continue to work with you.  We are very excited about this extension.


Autumn 2014

News Room

Our Founding Partner has joined the Association of Qualitative Research and is expecting to enrol the company as company members later in the Autumn.

We are also  reviewing joining IQCS as we think this quality accreditation even for executive staff really sets strong criteria benchmark for conducting great qualitative, and quantitative research.  We will update this post as and when we do this.


Summer 2014

News Room

We are very pleased to now be on the Great London Procurement Framework so have access to a range of opportunities that this provides.  We look forward to conducting range of exciting project that framework allows us.

The National Construction College (NCC)

Recent Project

The National Construction College (NCC) –  the training division of CITB – began as a Plant Training School in 1966 delivering training that nobody else could offer.  Since its inception, NCC’s offer has evolved and developed as a response to market needs, expanding its remit substantially.

The College has increased its desire to lead industry training and to promote the UK as a world leader of construction skills. The resulting research programme was aimed at supporting the College in obtaining funding and developing its curriculum for the future, and gaining understanding about the market forces at work.

The research programme consisted of project alignment, stakeholder interviews, depth interviews, group interviews and multi staged quantitative research in order to gather a full range of information to create a business argument for investment, and providing the supporting development of the future of the college.

Despite an extremely challenging time-frame the research was completed on schedule, fully meeting all our objectives which contributed towards a successful business case.  Thank you.

With thanks from Kirsty at NCC.  (thank you for letting us share this project)


Spring 2014

News Room

We are delighted with the new that our Government framework approval has been extended to include the East Midlands.  As East Shires is an enabled roster, the ESPO system allows us to be purchased by any government department or associated quango or NDPB organisation. For government purchasers, you can buy us via a mini tender or directly via Or