Insight and Ideation

We help organisations shift gears and gain a different perspective of their markets, helping them explore new territories. We deploy a range of techniques including co-creation, disruption and lateral inspiration to generate insights and ideas. These sessions can develop new market positions, service and product propositions, or even development of internal initiatives. We are able to run projects in-house or with cross discipline Insight teams, whichever works for your organisation’s needs.

Creating an innovative environment starts with people. We aim to create diversity in our own team, which provides us with an unusual breadth of thinking and an abundance of ideas and creative thinking.

Our team is selected because of their diverse backgrounds. They work collaboratively with our clients to achieve a better understanding of their customer and end users, and there business issues. Working together we create motivating positions, new products or enhancements to existing goods and services.

Stimulus – We find that by casting our net wide when thinking about stimulus allows us to create a commercial edge. We take a wide spectrum of knowledge; customer information, experts, immersions, information in the public domain, and outliers; in order to provide a rich ‘field’ of information to aid the development of powerful Insight and ideas.