Management Research

We take a deeper approach to gain a richer understanding of the issue before we develop the primary research. We like to incorporate stakeholder consultations, desk & industry research, and investigating economic trends to enhance the brief. We use methods that suit the business issue, applying qualitative, quantitative, advanced statistical or economic modelling. We track programme outcomes, how a project has impacted and the added value to the business.


We start by consulting the wide range of internal people and horizon scanning for information in the public domain, so when we do the primary research, it takes you further.

Briefing the team – primary research

The project teams collaborates throughout to share information and keep the project on track.

We use the full range of methods:

Desk, Qualitative, Quantitative, Intuitive modelling, Statistical analytics, Economic modelling

Insight process

All the research and alignment data creating a vast melting pot of information.

The analytics produces a range of insights pertinent to the business requirement (and often a lot more beside).

We work with our client side counterparts to identify the appropriate feedback method for the team we are reporting too.

Talking the talk

Once the insights are identified, the team work to create debriefs, we advocate active debriefs, with supporting reporting.