Behavioural Change

Behavioural Change

Much of the primary research we do is aimed at changing consumer behaviours and attitudes. In order to support our clients to deliver outcomes, we use a range of techniques to help understand what people do, why they do it, what they get out of it, and how they can be influenced into doing something else.

Behavioural Economics is the “fresh meat” of customer insight, and it largely builds upon existing methods with a few differences in comparison to a normal marketing approach. One such extension is to “understand the behavioural defaults” in services and products: does your service default to repeat purchase? Are your marketing materials undermining what your organisation is attempting to achieve?

Behavioural Economics also aims to quantify the impact of change on the consumer and the business. Largely this comprises of volumetric analysis, but it can also include scenario building or intuitive or volumetric modelling. We use this in our approach during both the alignment phase and insight development.

In addition to harnessing some of behavioural economics’ best bits, we rely heavily on understanding the psychology of behaviour, largely applying ABC analysis, and identifying target areas to influence behaviours.

We also horizon scan for new thinking and techniques in order to extend our strengths in an area. We aim to assess the ripeness of new thinking and apply it only if we feel a particular brief warrants it. Horizon scanning also helps keep the team fresh, much like bees we do like a good scouting mission.