We have extensive experience in developing and working with segmentation, as well as disseminating and gaining organisational engagement with existing segmentations.

Through our experience, we’ve seen the full gamut of segmentations; we view successful segmentations as tapping into the core business narrative, which requires little selling-in or adaptation for many business areas to utilise. Less successful segmentations lack granularity and are often cited as interesting, with limited or no practical used.

We work very hard at the onset of a project to ensure that the investment in segmentation/s are impactful. We often apply mixed data sources, mixing internal operating data with research data to provide a tool the organisation can harnessed easily, both by operating functions and the marketing organisation.

From the start, we focus on what the business is trying to achieve rather than the research alone. It means we take more care up front, taking a multi-faceted approach, collaborating with your stakeholders to ensure we understand a broad range of the business needs and the opportunities to increase impact. Our aim is to deliver segmentations that implement easily.

We will work collaboratively with the insight team to establish the desired product life cycle, and how the product will be managed post segmentation development. We will need to understand how the segmentation fits the other insight products and the organisation as a whole, as well as its intended use, for example the development of new product and service, marketing communications and operational implementation, and business governance.

Organisations that are new to segmentation often require iterative processes towards development of the segmentation that really changes their customer landscape. Initial activity may, for example, be working with typologies before building up to implementation of a full segmentation.

At the opposite end of the scale, organisations highly familiar with segmentation may desire layering of multiple segmentations to unlock additional insight about their core customers.

Get in touch with us early in your thinking process to discuss the challenges and opportunity when developing a new segmentation – an early conversation can really be advantageous. We are also happy to work with you to product-manage an existing segmentation, helping engage, launch and maximise utilisation.