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We don’t often have news to share but when we do we will add it to this page. We will also aim to update our spotlight project from time to time, which provides examples of work we have been doing. Government clients we are now on East Shires (and East Midlands) Purchase Order roster, this roster is fully enabled for any government department or associate organisation to be able to buy our services.  In addition we have been given access to Greater London Procurement Portal.

Janine Moore

Project Manager – Transformation Team

I was impressed by Lisa from The Hive as she “got it” in terms of the Darwin Nursery Project / brief and the co-worker model and stressed the need to ensure that there is a clear strategy to support their flow through the Darwin into other employment opportunities.

Lisa and Emily spent time getting to know the co-workers, staff and customers at our garden nursery and this gave the ladies more of an understanding of our business and needs.

We were all very impressed with the overall reports, feedback and presentation that The Hive delivered to us within quite a short turnaround. Now armed with this information we can progress our project taking on-board the recommendations provided by Lisa and focus on the 3 key areas in a manageable and effective way.
Thank you Lisa and Emily it was a pleasure working with you.

Project Manager – Transformation Team
Cambridgeshire & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust

Clare Allen

Programme Manager

“I have been extremely impressed with the breadth and depth of the research experience we have had with The Hive Insight & Idea Generation.  At the start of the project, they invested a lot of time in really understanding our business, the context and the questions we were exploring.  They then completed an very thorough and pertinent research phase and worked with us to translate the research findings into tangible directions for our business.  I was also most impressed by their additional “benefits realisation” process, which I have not come across before.  This served to keep us focussed on the research data and provided a really useful check back for all those involved in the original research to ensure that we hadn’t drifted from what it told us.  It was also an invaluable opportunity to engage new team members, who had joined since the research had been undertaken, in the findings.  Overall, we were all thoroughly impressed with The Hive team and their work.  Thank you.”

The National Construction College (NCC)

Recent Project

The National Construction College (NCC) –  the training division of CITB – began as a Plant Training School in 1966 delivering training that nobody else could offer.  Since its inception, NCC’s offer has evolved and developed as a response to market needs, expanding its remit substantially.

The College has increased its desire to lead industry training and to promote the UK as a world leader of construction skills. The resulting research programme was aimed at supporting the College in obtaining funding and developing its curriculum for the future, and gaining understanding about the market forces at work.

The research programme consisted of project alignment, stakeholder interviews, depth interviews, group interviews and multi staged quantitative research in order to gather a full range of information to create a business argument for investment, and providing the supporting development of the future of the college.

Despite an extremely challenging time-frame the research was completed on schedule, fully meeting all our objectives which contributed towards a successful business case.  Thank you.

With thanks from Kirsty at NCC.  (thank you for letting us share this project)