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We don’t often have news to share but when we do we will add it to this page. We will also aim to update our spotlight project from time to time, which provides examples of work we have been doing. Government clients we are now on East Shires (and East Midlands) Purchase Order roster, this roster is fully enabled for any government department or associate organisation to be able to buy our services.  In addition we have been given access to Greater London Procurement Portal.

Restaurant – New Product

Recent Project

The challenge: FMCG/global pharma brand: OTC product wanted to provide a one stop solution for Athletes foot. The new product was a premium solution for the ailment and the client wanted to test the product appeal, marketing, and price point, with the latter proving contentious.

The research: We were invited to help our client understand key messages in the research that had been previously conducted . Initially, we identified flaws in the previous research process, as despite providing data on appeal and marketing messages, the recommendations on price point were limited in a variety of ways. The initial research proposed a launch price far lower price than desirable. The client disagreed with the initial price point recommendation, as they felt the product was an extremely effective offering, and warranted a launch at a premium value.

Our client-side experience meant we could consider the work in a wider context and identify flaws and gaps in the previous initial research process (e.g. that research had not factored in economies of scale in production).

We recommended launching the product at a higher price point (i.e. a worthy premium, for a highly effective product) and to use marketing tools if sales were not as expected. Our recommendations meant the product needed to sell far fewer units than the previous initial quantitative research reported, to make the same profit.

The client took our advice and the product launched at a premium price point within several European markets, eventually expanding more globally and providing significant additional profits over time.


Launching The Testing Zone

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We are pleased to launch our new whole product review offering: The Testing Zone.

We have developed a food & drink market testing product, which we call the Testing Zone.  This usually includes taste testing, packaging, market positioning, and associated communication materials.  It can also be used to include competitor or substituted food or drink products.

Our team has extensive product developing and testing expertise across a range of industries, and particularly in the food industry, so do get in touch (using if this of interest, and we’ll send you more details.


New Workshop Programme 2020

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Our new workshop programme has been scaled back to subjects most asked for last year, we still have a wider range of topics available by request, so if you are interested in having your client side team, trained, or coached or even mentored by our senior team, all of whom have been Heads of Insight or research in some of the worlds largest brands, both commercial and public sector then get in touch and we can share the wider topics and options with you.

Creating Insight – 25th of March 2020

Embedding Insight/Research Programmes – 1st of May 2020

Harnessing Inspiration ~ Ideation Techniques – 16th June 2020

Using Evidence to Make Better Decisions – 7th of October 2020

Dates may be subject to change, so get in touch if you are interested:


Winter 2018 workshops

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We will be continuing our workshop programme in the new year with:

January: Using Behavioural Change Techniques to Improve Brand

February: Performance Getting the Most Out of Your Customer Journey

March: Leading & Inspiring Your Business with Insight Products

Get in touch for the programme details via office @


Summer Workshop

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We still have places on our Evidence workshop (June 7th).  Our summer programme has some fun topics;  Session run locally to Hampton Court Surrey.  email us

Creating Insight Products: 29th Jun 2017 

A research project delivers a product, an Insight product collects a range of research products and builds a set of activities that provide a robust decision making package.  We will spend the day creating an insight product, including tools to help your internal audiences develop their evidence and thinking in a tangle way.

Creating Visually Impactful Communications:  26th July 2017 

Research and data analytics can produce vast quantities of information.  This workshop aims at developing skills to hone down the information and create visually impactful communications from multiple data and information.   Will include  pictures and graphs but also the skills to develop info graphics

Creating Insight:   17th Aug 2017

The workshop will cover development of Insight from research and data and wider information to contribute to a business problem.  Delegates will be reviewing information, developing the story and understanding what’s missing; creating the conclusions  from information that is there and what isn’t there.


Do get in touch for the workshop programme details and booking form: