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We don’t often have news to share but when we do we will add it to this page. We will also aim to update our spotlight project from time to time, which provides examples of work we have been doing. Government clients we are now on East Shires (and East Midlands) Purchase Order roster, this roster is fully enabled for any government department or associate organisation to be able to buy our services.  In addition we have been given access to Greater London Procurement Portal.


Spring Workshop Programme

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Most of these workshops are aimed at early and mid career, both for insighters and non insighters.

We do also have a course aimed at programme leaders who manage the work programme.

Segmentation ~ making better use of limited resources:   April 11th 2017

This workshop will engage delegate with different types of segmentation (behavioural, attitudinal, functional), we will provide an overview of working strategically with the segmentation and then look at different interventions

Getting Customer Perspectives through Customer Journeys:   9th May 2017

Understanding journeys, how to use them, different types of journeys (event, customer cycle, lifecycle journey.  How to utilise the findings and make operational changes.

Embedding Insight/Research Programmes – gaining traction:   24th May 2017 

Programme leaders - How to engage wider business into your Insight programme, have bigger impact within your organisation, using the organisational anthropology to help you make your mark.

How to actually use Evidence to make better decisions:   7th June 2017 

Utilising evidence, evaluating it weight on your decisions, building the evidence base, when is it enough?, when is it too late?, putting the case together.

Get in touch for price and booking information:


Workshop Programme

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We are delighted to be announcing our workshop programme, which we aim to run each month to share our considerable skills.  These are client side Insight skills rather than the types of workshops you might attend to develop basic research skills.

Facilitators are senior Insight professionals many having headed up insight functions or from our wider senior Associate specialist professionals.   Most of our courses are aimed at early and mid career, and often can be helpful to non-insighters (marketers, operations staff).

Do check back each season to see the workshop programme: Or book


Energy Catapult Framework

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We are delighted to have been awarded a placement on one of Energy Systems Catapult’s frameworks.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with them in the future.

Janine Moore

Project Manager – Transformation Team

I was impressed by Lisa from The Hive as she “got it” in terms of the Darwin Nursery Project / brief and the co-worker model and stressed the need to ensure that there is a clear strategy to support their flow through the Darwin into other employment opportunities.

Lisa and Emily spent time getting to know the co-workers, staff and customers at our garden nursery and this gave the ladies more of an understanding of our business and needs.

We were all very impressed with the overall reports, feedback and presentation that The Hive delivered to us within quite a short turnaround. Now armed with this information we can progress our project taking on-board the recommendations provided by Lisa and focus on the 3 key areas in a manageable and effective way.
Thank you Lisa and Emily it was a pleasure working with you.

Project Manager – Transformation Team
Cambridgeshire & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust


Spring 2015

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We are very pleased to hear we have had our place on the ESPO framework extended to 2017, this means that for all the Government portals we can continue to work with you.  We are very excited about this extension.